Hair Implants Will Make Your Hair Shine Again

beard transplant
beard transplant

Hair Implants Will Make Your Hair Shine Again

Are you experiencing hair loss? Is your hair line start to go back? Don’t worry. Now, there is a solution. Hair implants, also called hair transplant will make your hair grow again. So, hair loss or baldness is no longer a problem for you.

In hair transplant procedures, hair grafts are collected from the patient. These grafts are implanted to area with hair loss. This way, in approximately one year, patients having hair transplant are starting to see real results. Since the implanted hair belongs to the patient, there is minimum risk of rejection of transplanted hair.

Are Hair Implants Permanent?

People who are thinking to have hair implants are curious about whether hair transplant is permanent. Actually, hair transplant is permanent. Once you have the operation, your hair will start to grow in approximately one year.

Since the transplanted hair has minimum tendency to fall down, the success rates of hair transplants are high. With such results, people with hair loss no longer believe that baldness is their destiny. Number of patients having hair transplant is increasing every year. In addition hair transplant, beard and moustache transplant are applied to patients.

What Are Procedures in Hair Implant?

Hair implant can be made in different ways. FUE method is one of the most common hair implant. In this method, hair follicles are taken and transplanted. Also, FUT method is applied. FUT method is similar to FUE method but in this procedure, hair strips are taken and implanted.

When hair implant procedure is completed, there is a recovery period. Patients needs to follow instructions of doctors during this period. Generally, special shampoo and creams are recommended to speed up healing. Also, patients should be careful while washing their hair after the operations. All necessary information regarding hair implant is provided by the doctors. Get ready to say hello to your new, shiny hair with hair implant procedures.


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