Reliable Istanbul Hair Transplant Center for Fuller Hair

Istanbul hair transplant centre
Istanbul hair transplant centre

Anyone can experience hair loss. It is not linked with gender, age or any other factors. Hair loss significantly affects one’s self-confidence. However, today, thanks to hair transplantation applications, it is possible to avoid this problem. Turkey is a key destination for hair implant. And Istanbul hair transplant center is highly popular in this field

How to Prevent Hair Loss?

Hair loss may be genetic or due to environmental factors. In case of hair loss due to environmental factors, elimination of these factors may reduce the effects of hair loss. For example, smoking or stress can cause hair loss and baldness. Quitting smoking or reducing stress helps prevent hair loss.

However, if the cause of the loss is caused by genetic factors, then hair transplantation may be the only solution. In this case, hair loss people, by contacting specialist doctors can plan the transplantation operation. Istanbul hair transplant center is a good alternative for hair implants in this amazing country.

Istanbul Hair Transplant Centre for Hair Implant

Hair transplantation is an operation performed by different methods. Planting is planned according to the baldness rate of the patient, the quality of the hair follicles and the area where the hair loss occurs. Planning should be done in detail by a specialist hair transplant doctor. Selecting the appropriate sowing method for the patient helps to increase the success of the operation.

During the transplantation, the hair to be transplanted is collected from the nape of the patient. Thus, adaptation problems that may occur after planting are minimized. The hair follicles are collected by a method known as the FUE method. This method, known as follicular unit extraction, allows the collection of hair follicles into grafts. Then the hair follicles collected are placed into the channels opened with special tools. You can have your FUE hair implant in Istanbul hair transplant centre.


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