Restore Hair Loss with Hair Transplant

hair loss
hair loss

In the past, hair loss was faith. There were no methods to restore hair loss. However with new medical techniques, hair loss can be eliminated. Most typical and widespread technique for this purpose is known as hair restoration or hair transplant. These two terms have the same meaning. Hair transplant is a surgical operation. Yet, doctors offer non-surgical operations like PRP treatment.

Choosing either surgical or non-surgical treatment depend on you. If you don’t to have a surgery, non-surgical options can be better for you.

How to Restore Hair Loss with Hair Transplant?

If you select hair transplant to restore hair loss, you can get your hair back permanently. But in non-surgical treatments, you can only increase the strength of your hair. When you choose hair transplant operation, you have FUE Slit, FUE Sapphire or DHI options in your hand.

Each of those strategies have advantages of their own. When you decide on your technique, you need to listen to doctor’s recommendations. Doctors know which technique will work for you as they are experienced in this field. Rather than insistence on the technique you know, keep your mind open to alternatives. This way, you can have amazing hair transplant results.

When Can You See Hair Transplant Results?

After the hair transplant surgery, you need to wait to restore hair loss. It might take up to 1 or 1,5 year to see exact results. In most cases, new hair you can see new hair after four to six months. But, these hair roots are naturally going to be weak. You need to be patient and wait for at least one year.

Generally, you can see full grown hair after one year. Key factor in hair transplant is to wait and see. Once you do that, you might enjoy your new hair in your next big event.


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