Is Everyone Suitable for Hair Transplantation?


Is Everyone Suitable for Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation treatment is one of the most permanent and effective solutions against hair loss. Today, many people prefer to put an end to hair loss through the hair transplant. Hair transplantation results are also generally positive. One of the most curious questions about hair transplant treatment is whether this treatment is suitable for everyone. Let’s take a closer look at this question.

Is Hair Transplantation Treatment Suitable for Everyone?

Considering the hair transplantation steps, it is known that this treatment is not very risky. Of course, in hair transplant treatment, it is necessary to go through many medical procedures. This may cause some people not to benefit from this treatment. Already, specialists request some tests from their patients before applying treatment.

It is also possible to answer the question of whether hair transplantation treatment is suitable for everyone, with scientific explanations.

Hair Transplantation Is Not Applicable to Whom?

In this treatment, which is applied within the scope of the hair transplant clinic, the patient must pass some medical tests. These tests are also usually related to the chronic diseases of the patient. For example, hair transplant treatment is not recommended for people with cardiovascular disease. Likewise, this treatment is not recommended for patients with advanced diabetes and blood pressure. Therefore, before deciding on treatment, you should have your chronic illness checked.

In the same way, sometimes hair transplant treatment may not be applied depending on the type of hair loss problem. For example, hair transplant treatment cannot be applied in cases where there is no hair tissue to be used as a donor. Treatment may show some negative results in people who are suffer from intense baldness. For this reason, hair transplant treatment is not recommended for people with such intense baldness problems. 


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