Hair loss
Hair loss

Hair loss can be a real problem for men. Over time, baldness and excessive hair loss can affect mood of an individual. Hair loss might even cause depression. Before considering hair transplant, it might be a good idea to know the underlying reasons. In some cases, hair loss can be treated with a simple medication. For that reason, men should know what is causing their hair loss.

Common Reasons for Male Hair Loss

There are few factors that cause hair loss in men. Some can be treated with medication. Others need more aggressive options such as hair transplant. By learning the main reason, men can make their hair surgery decision.

Genetics Play a Role

Genetics is the main factor that causes hair loss in men. If genetics is the reason for your receding hairline, you might consider hair transplant as an option. There is no other treatment option than hair transplant or PRP treatment. Since you cannot change your genetics, you might try to change the results.

Stress Related Hair Loss

Stress related hair loss is extremely common in men. When you body fells discomfort and stressful conditions, it tries to protect it from those stressors. In this process, you might experience hair loss. When your stressor disappears, your hair loss will probably stop. Instead of considering hair transplant immediately, you might want to find ways to relieve your stress.

Medical Problems and Certain Diseases

Certain diseases can also cause hair loss. Thyroid related diseases might increase hair loss. Also, in some cases heart problems and high blood pressure might cause hair loss as well. Before considering hair transplant, you need to visit a doctor and solve these problems.

Immune System Related Problems

Sometimes our immune system might decide to attack our body. Alopecia areata is a genetic condition where immune system attacks hair on your body. This causes baldness and hair loss like patches.

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