Better Recovery with Hair Transplant Aftercare

Hair transplant aftercare
Hair transplant aftercare

Hair transplant aftercare steps are critical for better recovery. Irrespective of how talented your medical practitioner is, you are the one who will need  to care for your hair. This is important for your hair transplant to have results that are successful.

Hair Transplant Aftercare Steps

You need to know hair transplant aftercare steps. Here, we have the basic steps for your newly transplanted hair. But doctors might recommend some additional and different things as well. You’ll  need to follow all instructions for the best recovery possible. You need to listen to your doctor and transplant staff

Say Goodbye to Smoking and Reduce Alcohol Intake

First, you need  to avoid alcohol and smoking consumption. These two are the worst enemies of the new hair. New hair is sensitive. So, these will harm the new roots. Also, quitting smoking is suggested prior to  the operation. Smoke and chemicals that are harmful cigarettes have a significate damaging impact on the new hair grafts. Also, smoking will damage your blood circulation which slows down the recovery.

Avoid Sea and Pool

This is one of the most important step for hair transplant aftercare. If you should be having your operation during summer do not swim in the sea or in the pool. Swimming in the sea or pool are forbidden for 45 days to 60 days.

Wash Your Scalp Carefully

Scalp and hair washing is also important. You need to be gentle. And you need to use suitable products. Doctor and the medical team will give all the necessary shampoo. And you will learn about the technique as well.

Use All Prescribed Drugs

Throughout  the first week of this surgery, you’ll want  to take all prescribed medication. It is important to prevent any injection. So, using the medication is a crucial step for hair transplant aftercare.


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