Eyebrow Transplant for an Attractive Look

Eyebrow transplant
Eyebrow transplant

Lack of eyebrow can have a huge negative impact. Or any gaps on the eyebrow can have the same effect. Eyebrows are as essential as hair especially for women. While men can handle this situation, women often feel depressed. Well-designed eyebrows can change how we look. As time passes our eyebrows can never fall and grow straight back. With eyebrow transplant, it is possible to restore your eyebrow.
This operation is similar to hair transplant. In this case, you will need to choose an expert and experienced doctor for your eyebrow operation. This operation requires expertise to attain the very best results. As a result, you will need to look for the eyebrow operation doctors that are best.
Eyebrow Transplant in Women and Men
Eyebrow transplant can work like a miracle for both men and women. Like regular hair transplant, roots of hairs called grafts are gathered from the scalp. For eyebrows, back part of the ears can be preferred for more natural results.
Generally, DHI technique is employed during hair extractions. And this technique enables to shape your eyebrow correctly. Prior to the procedure, doctor designs the new eyebrow and draws it on your face. At this stage, you can ask for high arch or bushy eyebrows. Once eyebrow design is completed, doctors will extract and implant new hair roots.
Do You Need an Eyebrow Operation?
If you do not like your eyebrow shape because it has gaps, you need eyebrow transplant. Or if you lost your eyebrow, you will again need an operation. You might have problems due to constant plucking. In this case, your eyebrows might not grow back. Once you have your operation, you will have the bushy look you used to have with your eyebrows. What is more, you can have a new shape as well.


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