Follicular Unit Transplant Details and Steps

follicular unit transplant
follicular unit transplant

The procedure involving follicular unit transplant is the most effective among hair renovation methods. In this method, the surgeon transplants hair from the permanent zone at the back of the head. And the hair is transplanted to the affected areas with hair loss.
The donor roots are collected one by one. This one by one ensures any damage on the roots. In this sense, hair extraction is important in hair restoration. The surgeon can work in a small area. This increases the success rate. Throughout the surgery, each follicular unit is examined by a microscope. So, the quality of the roots can be seen.

Follicular Unit Transplant Steps

Follicular units are collected separately. These are the key of follicular unit transplant. Without the units, the operation cannot take place. So, the doctor carefully handles these units carefully. Follicular units are groups of hair growing together. There might be one, two or three roots. The number entirely depends on the patient.
After collection, the next step in implant. In this step, channels are necessary in affected area. So, channels are opened in bald areas. And hair roots are implanted one by one. In this process, implant direction is important.

Advantages of Follicular Units

Follicular unit transplant is a smooth operation. So, there will be no pain. Or there will be no scarring. Or there will be no marking. It uses small units of hair. And this contributes to natural look. And it is possible to position each unit. Thus, natural hairline is achieved.
Another advantage is that this operation is permanent. When a hair is implanted, it will start growing in the new region. This look will sustain. After full recovery, hair will look fuller. In some cases, hair will have that dese look like the person is in his 20s. So, this operation is the best alternative for hair loss.


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