hair restoration cost
hair restoration cost

People who want to have hair transplant often ask about hair restoration cost. There are different factors that impact this cost. It is important to consider all factors to get the price you want. In some cases, cheap alternatives can be a real trouble.

Before selecting your hair transplant clinic and doctor, you need to make an extensive research. You can ask your friends or family who had this operation before. If you don’t have such people, you can always check online reviews. There are high-quality websites that offer hair transplant clinic reviews.

How Does Hair Restoration Cost Change?

As we have said, there are various factors that impact hair restoration cost. Generally, hair transplant cost is calculated price per graft. This price per graft includes all medical expenses. Depending on number of grafts you need, price can go up to $22,000.

Especially in countries like US, England, Germany or France, costs of the operation are high. In these countries, medical costs associated with operations are extremely high. So, having hair transplant in these countries might require an additional budget. However, with easier transportations options, you can always consider having hair transplant abroad.

Is It Possible to Have Cheap Hair Transplant?

Yes, it is possible to have cheap hair transplant. Hair restoration cost in some countries are cheap. This is because these countries have relatively low medical costs associated with operations. Turkey is one of the leading countries in health tourism. Hair transplant services are offered under health tourism sector as well.

When compared to US, hair transplant prices in Turkey are low. You can have your hair transplant and spend one week in the country for less than $8.000. These competitive prices are attracting many people from different countries. Additionally, high-quality operations and warm people in the country are leading people to chose this country.

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