Hair Transplant Aftercare for Better Recovery

hair transplant aftercare
hair transplant aftercare

You need to take care of your new hair after your hair transplant operation. Therefore, hair transplant aftercare steps are extremely important.. In spite of  how talented your doctor is, you need to  take care of one’s locks. This way, your hair transplant will have effective results.

Steps for Hair Transplant Aftercare

In fact, these are things you need to be careful about rather than steps. However, you need to follow them for the best hair transplant aftercare. Only then your operation results will have the best results.

Quit Smoking and Avoid Consuming Alcohol

Smoking and alcohol consumption will damage your new hair. Especially smoking has negative effects on the new hair roots. Smoke and chemicals that are harmful cigarettes could harm your transplanted locks. These two will slow down your blood circulation as well. You need active and healthy blood circulation for faster recovery. Avoiding both smoking and alcohol is recommend between 7 to 10 days.

Avoid Swimming in Sea or Pool

Sea or pool water can damage your hair roots. For this reason, swimming in both pool and ocean are prohibited for 45 to 60 times. You need to follow this rule. And after 60 days, you need to wash your head with freshwater after swimming. This will prevent any damages to your transplanted hair.

Follow Instructions to Wash Your Hair

One more  thing you’ll  need to consider is related to how you wash the new hair. Your transplant team will inform your about the washing steps. You must be extremely careful to follow these steps.

Use All Prescribed Medication After Operation

These medications will prevent any infection after the surgery. So, you need to use them for the specified times. Otherwise, you might experience operation related complications. And these will decrease the effectiveness of the hair transplant. You need to follow all these hair transplant aftercare steps to achieve the best operation results.


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