hair transplant procedure
hair transplant procedure

If you are experiencing hair loss, you might have searched for hair transplant procedure. There are tons of information online. And all this information can be confusing. So, we have decided to summarise hair transplant operation. You can learn the basics of hair transplant. This way, your decision to have hair transplant operation will become easier.

Hair Transplant Procedure Steps

Hair transplant procedure has two steps: hair extraction and hair implanting. When operated by expert and experienced doctors, you will enjoy your new hair without any problems. But you also need to take care of your hair after the operation. Both these factors will impact the outcome of the hair transplant operation.

Step 1: Hair Extraction

Hair transplant procedure will start with hair extraction. During hair extraction process, hair roots that will be transplanted are collected. Although there are two methods, popular hair extraction method is FUE. FUE is follicular unit extraction.

In the past, doctors used FUT which is follicular unit transplant. But under current conditions, this method is rarely used. FUE offers better results and faster recovery. In addition, FUE enables doctors to collect hair grafts separately. This way, damage on donor area is kept at minimum level.

Step 2: Hair Implanting

Next step of the hair transplant procedure is hair implanting. There are three methods for hair implanting: Slit, Sapphire and DHI. Depending on certain properties, doctors will choose the best hair implant method for you. Your hair characteristic, skin and other factors will determine the implant method.

Hair Transplant Recovery

After completing the operation, there is a short recovery method. After 3 days, you can go back to your normal life. But you need to be careful about your newly transplanted hair. When you take good care of your hair after the operation, you can enjoy your new hairline in 1 year.

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