Hair Transplant Procedure Steps
Hair Transplant Procedure Steps

What Are Hair Transplant Procedure Steps?

If you are excited about getting your hair back with hair transplant, check these hair transplant procedure steps before diving into the process. There are different procedures like FUE, Slit, Sapphire, and DHI. FUE is a graft extraction technique where Slit, Sapphire, and DHI are graft implementing technique. There is another procedure called PRP which is not a hair transplant but a plasma serum treatment options. On the other hand, PRP is a completely different method where plasma obtained from blood is used.

Yet, Slit and Sapphire graft implant methods have really similar steps. There are only small differences in application methods. It is good to know how the hair transplant operation will be made before you go through the operation.

Hair Transplant Procedure FUE Hair Transplant Steps
Hair Transplant Procedure, FUE Hair Transplant Steps

Hair Transplant Procedure Steps

There are six steps that are followed in every hair transplant operation.

  1. Preparation: In this step, transplant areas are prepared for the operation. Donor and transplant are analyzed and doctors determine their strategy for the following steps.
  2. Preparing Donor Area: In this step of the hair transplant procedure, donor area where the hair grafts will be received is prepared. The back of the head is shaved to take hair grafts with special micro motor hair extraction tool of the FUE During this procedure, local anesthesia is applied to reduce the pain.
  3. Collecting from Donor Area: Hair follicles are collected from the donor With the FUE method, hair follicles are collected one by one. This collection type increases the success rate of the operation.
  4. Preparing Recipient (Transplant) Area: Recipient or bald area is prepared for the operation. If there is any hair in this area, these hair are shaved. Also, local anesthesia is applied to the recipient
  5. Transplanting Collected Hair Follicles: Hair follicles collected from donor area are transplanted to the recipient area. In this process, FUE Slit, FUE Sapphire, or DHI (CHOI pens) are used. Canals are opened with different tools and collected grafts are implanted with one of these techniques.
  6. Finishing Procedure: After the hair transplant procedure is completed, the donor and recipient areas are dressed, and the patient is sent home for recovery.

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