Hair Transplant Steps
Hair Transplant Steps

Deciding on having a hair transplant operation may be a huge one. There are certain steps to be considered after the operation. You would like to require excellent care of your new hair once hair transplant operation. Additionally, doctor’s experience and post-op care routine can impact the results. Hair transplant success rates will significantly increase when you follow all instructions and post-op care routines.

Things to Expect After Hair Transplant

There are few things to consider after hair transplant. These are divided as milestones. These milestones are starts with 1st day and ends with 1st year.

After Surgery

On the 1st day after the surgery, it is advised to rest for the day. There will be dressing on your head. So, it is better to keep it clean. Keep a slow pace for the first three days. Otherwise, puffiness and swelling is possible. You need to go back to the clinic three days later. In the clinic, you will learn how to treat your new hair, how to wash it and how to take care of your new hair.

7 Days Later

Sexual intercourse, alcohol, smoking are prohibited for the first seven days. In fact, it is better to quit smoking before the operation. Smoking would possibly hurt your new hair and adversely impact the operation results. There’ll be crusting in each donor and recipient space. This is normal and crusts will fall on their own.

30-45 Days Later

For 30-45 days, you swimming is forbidden. After forty five days, you can start swimming in pool and sea. After swimming in pool and ocean, you need to wash your hair with clean water. Also, shock loss will occur in these days. There is no need to worry about shock loss. This is the process of the operation.

Six Months Later

In this period, your new hair will start to grow. At first, hair will be weak and sparse. But you need to be patient. Your new hair will get stronger every day. A healthy lifestyle can significantly increase  your hair quality within the future.

One Year Later

After completing one year, you hair will completely grow. You will have that full and dense hair look you have wanted. Now, you can enjoy your new hairline.

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