Is Hair Transplant Abroad a Good Choice?

Is Hair Transplant Abroad a Good Choice?
Is Hair Transplant Abroad a Good Choice?

Is Hair Transplant Abroad a Good Choice?

When it comes to hair transplant or any other operation, everyone wants to have the best results and affordable prices. For this reason, having a hair transplant abroad is becoming more popular each day. When patients compare different countries, they see that each country has unique advantages.

While some countries have the best doctors around the world, others offer highest-quality services at affordable prices. Almost every country has highly successful doctors that are experts in hair transplant. And this helps patients to decide to have the operation in a different country.

Where Can I Have Hair Transplant Abroad?

If you are considering having hair transplant abroad, there are different choices. For example, Turkey and India are among the leading countries in this field. But Turkey is more dominant in hair transplant than India due to various advantages. In addition to qualified doctors, touristic attractions also make this country the number one destination for hair transplant.

Turkey is a beautiful country with hundreds of talented doctors. Doctors in the hair transplant field have developed themselves in this country. They are following all advancements in this sector. For this reason, they are constantly offering the best practices to local and foreign patients. Also, warm and welcoming people of Turkey is what makes patients choose this country.

Does Turkey Have Hair Transplant Operations?

Yes, as a part of health tourism initiative, clinics in Turkey offer hair transplant operations. Since more and more people are considering hair transplant abroad, clinics in different cities of Turkey are investing for this direction.

Hair transplant clinics in Turkey has FUE hair graft extraction, Slit hair graft implanting, Sapphire hair graft implanting, and DHI (direct hair implanting) methods. Additionally, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments are applied to support hair growth after hair transplant operations. With advanced hair transplant methods, Turkey will continue to be a leader in hair transplant sector.


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