Process After Hair Transplant

after hair transplant
after hair transplant

Hair transplant operation decision is a big one. Although operation is relatively less complex, you need to take good care of your new hair after hair transplant operation. Both doctor’s expertise and your care routine will impact the results. If you follow all recommendations, hair transplant success ratewill be high.

What Should You Expect After Hair Transplant

After hair transplant, there are few key milestones. These milestones are first day, first week, first months, 6 months and first year.

After Surgery

On the first day, doctors often recommend resting. Since your head will be dressed, you can spend this day at home or in your hotel. You need to act slowly for the first 3 days. Otherwise, you might experience oedema. You will visit the clinic after 3 days. Transplant staff will teach you how to wash your hair and how to take care of your new hair.

7 Days Later

It is better to avoid sexual intercourse, taking alcohol or carrying heavy things for the first 7 days. In addition to all that, quitting smoking will help you. Smoking might harm your new hair and adversely impact the operation results. In the first week, there will be crusting in both donor and recipient area. Crusting will disappear in the first month.

30-45 Days Later

For 30-45 days, you should avoid swimming in pool and sea. Your start swimming after 45 days. But you need to wash your hair with fresh water after swimming in the pool and sea. Also, you will experience shock loss in this period. Shock loss is normal and it is the natural process of the operation.

Six Months Later

Starting form month 6, your hair will grow. At first, hair will look thin. But as time passes, your hair will become stronger. If you want health hair, it is better to quit smoking. Also, a health lifestyle will impact your hair quality in the future.

One Year Later

After completing one full year, you hair will grow like you have never lost your hair. Now, you can have the hair style you like and enjoy your new hairline.


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