PRP treatment
PRP treatment

PRP treatment is a non-surgical treatment applied to fight against hair loss. This treatment can be applied alone or combined with hair transplant. PRP is especially preferred by female patients. Since most of the female patients are not good candidates for hair transplant, this treatment will help them to achieve stronger hair. Also, since this treatment is non-surgical, it is possible to go back to daily life on the same day.

PRP Treatment Application

PRP treatment is applied by using patient’s own blood. Our blood is full of beneficial building blocks. When processed carefully, our blood can have an amazing healing power. In this sense, PRP is taking advantage of this amazing healing power.

In this treatment, patient’s own blood is used. Blood is drawn and processed with a special machine. This machine is a type of centrifuge machine. When centrifuging, blood is separated into three parts. These parts are called platelet rich plasma, platelet poor plasma and serum. For this treatment, platelet poor plasma and serum are not used. Only platelet rich plasma is necessary.

This platelet rich plasma part of the blood is applied to the scalp. In this process, special device with micro needles is used. Platelet rich plasma is injected to scalp by using these micro needles. This process does not cause pain and most of the patients feel extremely careful during application.

PRP Treatment with Hair Transplant

It is possible to combine PRP treatment with hair transplant. In most cases, this treatment is applied before hair transplant operation. However, there are more and more practices that apply this treatment with hair transplant. After the transplant operation, PRP is applied to increase strength of new hair roots. This practice might not be preferred all the time. But there are studies that show the benefits of such approach. So, this could be a good way to increase the strength of you newly transplanted hair.

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