What Are Hair Transplant Success Rates?

hair transplant success rates
hair transplant success rates

Hair transplant success rates can be defined based on various factors. Mainly, the success rate is determined for how thair transplant success rates he hair grew after the operation. If the hair growth is uniform and looks natural, then the operation is considered successful. However, distributed and unnatural hair growth may be signals of unsuccessful results.

There are various studies analyzing the success rate of hair transplant operations. The success of the operation can be affected by different factors. These factors are hair loss type, hair type, lifestyle, skin type, and aftercare made by the patients. When all these factors are combined, the overall success rate can be determined.

Is Hair Transplant Success Rates High?

According to some studies, hair transplant success rates are higher in non-smokers. Some studies suggest that the success rate for non-smokers can go up to 98% graft ratio. This means that 98 hair grafts out of 100 hair grafts have successfully grown into the new hair.

But in the case of smokers, the success rate significantly decreases. Smoking seriously damages hair roots and hair structure. For that reason, the quality of hair grafts decreases. And the chance for these grafts to grow into hair also decreases.

Will My Hair Transplant Be Successful?

It will depend on the factors above. For example, if your hair loss is mild, the success rate will be higher and you will have natural looking hair. However, when hair loss is severe, additional grafts may be needed after the first operation. 

Also, your lifestyle will have a huge effect on the outcome. If you are a non-smoker and non-drinker, the success chances will be higher. Eating healthy and staying away from challenging sports will also increase the success rate of the operation. Patients should follow all aftercare instructions of the doctors after the operation. Correct post-operational care will increase the overall success rate of the operation.


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