Hair transplant

Hair transplant is a surgical operation to restore hair loss. Hair loss is an important problem among men. Also, hair loss is highly prevalent. Men look for an answer to solve this problem. Generally, men try different methods.

As it is hard to admit hair loss, men often try herbal treatments. But these are only temporary solutions. There is need for hair restoration to find permanent solution to hair loss. Also, other treatments like PRP can be an alternative.

Reasons for Hair Loss

Hair loss can occur due to various reasons. One of the most common reasons for hair loss is genetics. Also, there could be other reasons like air pollution or stress. It is important to understand the main reasons for hair loss. Without understanding the underlying reason, it is not possible to find the most adequate treatment.

For example, in case of external factors like air pollution, eliminating external factors can eliminate hair loss. Or in case of stress, reducing stress can also eliminate hair loss. However, in case of genetics, only solution can be hair transplant. But most of the time, decision for an operation can be challenging.

How to Have Hair Transplant?

First, you need to choose a hair transplant clinic and doctor. In recent years, there are hundreds of options. So, it might be hard to decide a clinic or a doctor. When you are making your hair transplant decision, you need to search for doctors and clinics.

Once you find the doctor you like, you can talk about the hair restoration operation. Doctor needs to analyse your hair and scalp. This way, you and your doctor can decide on the transplant method. Most popular method is FUE transplant. But there are also other methods like DHI transplant. It is important to choose the most suitable method for hair restoration.

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