What Is The Best Time to Get Hair Transplant?

what is the best time to get hair transplant
what is the best time to get hair transplant

Hair transplant has become one of the most remarkable treatment methods in recent years. Transplant treatment is a treatment that can be applied to anyone who meets the conditions and always gives positive results. Some details that should be known about the transplant also help in the positive outcome of the treatment. At the beginning of these details is when the treatment should be applied.

Best Time for Hair Transplant

The best time for a hair transplant is undoubtedly the time when the patient feels most determined. Among the best hair transplantation options, it is written that the patients should be at the right time both financially and morally. Transplant therapy is a type of treatment in which results are spread over time. Therefore, you should not condition yourself to get immediate results.

It is very important to catch the right time in both DHI and FUE hair transplant treatments. In this way, the morale of the patient will be better and this will affect the treatment positively.

However, there are some comments about the most accurate time frame for both FUE and DHI hair transplant. At the beginning of these comments is that the treatment done in the summer months is more comfortable.

The Importance of Summer for Hair Transplant

If a period will be shown in the transplant treatment, it is recommended that this time comes to the summer months. In summer, hair follicles are more productive and problems such as shedding or breaking are minimized. This is an important issue for the treatment to give positive and shorter results.

Moreover, you can prefer the summer season to visit the beautiful spots of the country for transplant treatments in Turkey. In this way, you can participate in a nice touristic trip while being treated. It will also be beneficial to take precautions in order not to be affected by the sun rays during the treatment process.


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