hair implants
hair implants

Hair loss can happen at any age. There is no minimum age for this problem. Even young men can experience this problem. For this reason, many people are asking about age limits for hair implants. Deciding to any operation is a serious call. When it comes to how we look, these decisions can be tougher.

If an operation is not successful, our looks can greatly impact. But with skilled doctors and experienced hair transplant clinic staff, this operation will change people’s lives. Especially, when you are 20s, hair transplant can really boost your self-confidence. Eliminating psychological impacts of hair loss will greatly change your life.

Does Hair Implants Have Age Limit?

Actually, this operation has age limits. And there is a good reason for this age limit. Our hair grows and fall over the course of our lives. At some stages, this loss is severe. At others, it is mild. But there is a pattern. So, when it comes to hair implants, hair transplant doctors care about the age.

If you are at the beginning of your 20s, your hair loss might still be on-going. In that case, an early hair transplant decision might ruin all your chances. If you are not patient enough, early hair transplant will result in hair loss. Again. Because probably your hair has not completed its cycle. And it will complete it after hair transplant. This will cause unsuccessful results. But there is no upper limit for hair transplant. As long as you have hair in donor region, you can have hair implants even in your 60s.

When to Have Hair Transplant?

Of course, there is no best age to have hair implants. But in most cases, early 30s can be a good age. In fact, you can have this operation after yours 30s. Since your hair loss cycle will probably be complete, you will not experience any adverse results.

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