Portuguese footballer Ricardo Quaresma, a well-known figure in the world of football, has chosen Istanbul for a hair transplant operation. Quaresma’s aesthetic journey has sparked great interest on social media and among football fans.

Istanbul, the Preferred Destination in Aesthetic Tourism

It has been revealed that Ricardo Quaresma received treatment at a clinic in Istanbul for his hair transplant operation. Istanbul, a major center in global aesthetic tourism, is renowned for its quality healthcare services and experienced doctors. Quaresma’s choice once again highlights Turkey’s leading position in aesthetic tourism.

Initial Shares on Social Media

The famous footballer shared the process of his hair transplant operation with his followers on his social media accounts. In his initial photos, Quaresma appears in good spirits after the operation, addressing his followers with the words, “Thanks doctor @dr.leventacar & @cosmedicaclinic staff for the warm welcome and for everything, made the right choice felt that i was in very good hands. Definitely gonna return soon. Çok teşekkür.”

Support from Beşiktaş Fans

Quaresma, who became an unforgettable figure during his time at Besiktas with his remarkable performances, received significant support from Beşiktaş fans. Fans conveyed their get-well wishes through social media posts and comments.

Changing Aesthetic Perception in Athletes

Ricardo Quaresma’s decision to undergo a hair transplant reflects the growing interest in aesthetic procedures among athletes. The emphasis on athletes paying attention to their appearance not only on the field but also off the field signifies a change in aesthetic understanding.

Increasing Trend in Hair Transplant Operations

In recent years, the increasing number of celebrities opting for hair transplant operations has boosted the demand in this field. Hair transplants are now seen not only as a concern for aesthetics but also as a choice related to personal care and confidence.

In Conclusion

Ricardo Quaresma’s decision to have a hair transplant in Istanbul seems to herald a new trend in the world of football and aesthetic tourism. The renowned footballer plans to return to the field with renewed energy and regained confidence after the operation. We will continue to follow the developments after the operation and Quaresma’s aesthetic journey.


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